1. Pipeline works
    • All types of liquid and gas pipes for conveying natural gas, industrial gases, plus chemical and petrochemical products
    • Low and medium pressure pipes for gas distribution
    • Industrial pipes plus measuring and control stations
    • Industrial fire-fighting pipes
    • Electromechanical equipment for the steel industry, chemical and petrochemical industry, automobile industry, gas and electricity stations
    • Earthworks, waterworks, road works
  2. Cable Works
    • High voltage cables
  3. Tunnelling works
    • General tunnel constructions
    • Pipe jacking
    • Microtunnelling
    • Horizontal directional drilling
    • Vertical sinking of shafts
  4. Building works
    • Complex buildings
    • Residential and offices
    • Biotech
    • Prisons
    • Hospitals
    • Sports centres
  5. Civil works
    • Civil engineering structures
    • Waste-water purification plants
    • Drinking-water production installations
    • Water towers and reservoirs
    • Pump stations
  6. Water Works
    • Waste-water collectors
    • Sewer systems
    • Drinking water and raw water lines for transport, production and distribution of drinking water
    • Cooling pipes for nuclear power stations, traditional power stations and combined power stations
    • Hot-water pipes for district heating systems
    • Waste-water purification plants
    • Drinking-water production installations
    • Water towers and reservoirs
    • Pump stations
    • Intake (river, lake, ...)
    • Service pipes and standpipes
  7. Restoration Works
    • Jet-grouting to stabilise soils, stabilisation of buildings and shaft construction
    • Soil injection, ground anchors, nail joints, micropiles and other underpinning methods
    • Soil stabilisation with Portland cement pillars through pressurised deep-mixing under subnormal pressure
    • Restoration and renovation of buildings and monuments with demolition, reroofing, façade repairs, timber restoration, masonry, concrete and natural stone repairs, sealing of basements and strengthening foundations
    • Crack injection, concrete spraying techniques, coatings, epoxy and hydraulic mortars, water-sealing injection for repairing structures in tunnels
    • Sewer relining and repairs including cleaning, camera inspections, polyurethane and cement sealing injection, spray concrete, valve method, long relining with sleeve and short tube-type packer joint renovation
    • Environmental techniques with landfill sealing, dump redevelopment
    • Installation and application of sound barriers, tunnel linings, bridge and tunnel joints, surface renovation and construction of foundations
    • Rail works