Aanleg en plaatsen gas- en oliepijpleiding

Denys bouwt 250 km pijpleiding in Tsjaad in opdracht van de Canadese Maatschappij CARACAL Energy.

Pipelines of the Mangara & Badila Field Development constructed in 2013 include the following:

·        Approximately six (6) off, DN150, oil field flow lines connecting field wells to Gathering Stations at Mangara and Badila

·        Two (2) off DN300, Trunk Lines from the Satellite Stations, one each to the Central Production Facility (CPF) and Griffiths Sales Terminal (GST)

  • DN300, 97.3km, Wet Oil Pipeline between the CPF to the GST
  • DN150, 97.4km, Fuel Gas Pipeline between the CPF to the GS
  • DN300, 15.6km, Sales Oil Pipeline connecting the GST to the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline